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Meet Our Accounting Team

 Meet the cooperative’s Finance and Accounting crew. This department has a tremendous responsibility for all things financial, from the materials we use on our electric distribution system to payroll, invoice payments, the annual budget, and so much more.

Vice-president of Finance and Accounting Jerry Eborn oversees the department. His work includes preparing the annual budget for board approval, negotiating contracts for financial services, assisting with the annual audit, managing investments, filing the many reports required by government and other agencies and maintaining records of the co-op’s property.
Junior Accountant Tara Alderman manages the cooperative’s payroll; coordinates employee pay, benefits and leave; and manages the capital credits program. She also handles the accounting and reports for associated business partners.
Accounting Clerk Veronica Johnson pays all the bills, to the tune of 400 to 500 a month; reviews payments electronically for fraud control; balances monthly bank statements; maintains the cooperative’s credit cards and fleet fuel purchases; and issues checks to former members with credit balances.
Work Order Accountant Lynn Salter calculates construction costs (material, labor and overhead), such as those for new homes, subdivisions, businesses. She prepares monthly progress reports for co-op system construction loans and reports of transportation costs for all co-op vehicles. She also calculates and bills non-members who damage cooperative property, such as might occur when a car hits a power pole or other system equipment.

These are just a few of the daily work these dedicated employees perform. What they do is critical to the efficient and cost-effective operation of the cooperative as a whole.

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