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Co-op Grateful for Support as Restoration Continues

CCEC and its support crews are continuing to restore power – upwards of 15,000 – and crews were back in the field early today making repairs to the co-op’s distribution system.

In all, CCEC has an additional 350 personnel and dozens of trucks from sister cooperatives and contract electric and tree crews repairing extensive damage from Hurricane Florence. In addition to the storm team, the cooperative has received tremendous food, supplies and manpower support from our sister cooperatives, local businesses, restaurants, and others.

“Staff from our statewide support organization, NC Electric Membership Corporation, arrived Tuesday with several vehicles full of bedding, toiletries, water and other supplies to support the line crews and others working on our storm team,” said CCEC Communications Director Lisa Galizia.

Pitt-Green EMC staff brought breakfast biscuits and water, and members have been offering water and treats to our workers in the field. Warsaw Fire Department provided fuel for an out-of-state co-op team on their way to help with restoration, and Calypso Fire Department housed a storm crew for Piedmont EMC over night as they were making their way to our area.

“These supplies, the support of our sister co-ops and contractors, our members and our communities means so much to us and reminds of why we love what we do, even during the worst of times,” Galizia said.

Now that the storm has passed, we want our members to remain safe. During extended outages, many people want to know how long food in a refrigerator or freezer is safe to eat.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website provides charts to help you determine which foods to keep and which to throw out.

A general rule is to discard any perishable food, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers, which have been above 40 °F for over 2 hours. You should have appliance thermometers in your refrigerator and freezer so you can check to ensure that the freezer temperature is at or below 0 °F and the refrigerator is at or below 40 °F. If in doubt, throw it out. Never taste food to try to determine its safety.

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