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Cold Snap and High Energy Use

The recent prolonged cold snap is going to be tough on a lot of people. On Sunday morning (January 7), our system experienced the highest demand for electricity in the cooperative’s history.

To avoid “sticker shock” when winter heating bills arrive, you can pay on your electric account anytime you like; you don’t have to wait until the bill arrives in the mail or your email inbox. Pay ahead when you have money available to ease your mind and your wallet.

One of the easiest ways to do this is online. PowerPay24 provides account payment and information services. You can sign in, check your account and make a payment 24/7. Click the PowerPay24 link on our website or download the app for your smartphone or tablet through the Apple store or Google Play.

With electric heating using the largest share of electricity dollars during cold winter days, we recommend setting the thermostat no higher than 68 degrees when people are home and lowering the setting it a degree or two more when they are away. We also suggest changing air filters. A clogged filter makes the heating system work even harder. Another energy saving tip is to open drapes or blinds on sunny winter days to allow the sun's rays to warm the house, but close them at night.

Even with lowered thermostat settings and other energy-saving measures, people need to be aware the increased work put on heating systems during extremely cold weather will require more electricity.


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